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Dumpster Rentals


At Junk dumpers not only do we specialize in full service junk removal but we also offer dumpster rentals.  Our dumpsters are available in 8yd and 15yd sizes.


Why choose our dumpster trailers over a traditional “roll off dumpster” ?


Our dumpsters are on rubber wheels as compared to hard steel wheels that roll off dumpsters have.  This makes our dumpsters driveway safe and helps to prevent cracking of concrete, pavers, and asphalt.


Traditional roll off dumpsters have steel wheels that also can sink into the asphalt on a hot summer day and put dents in your driveway. Most roll-off trucks that pull and unload these dumpsters alone can weigh around 30,000 lbs or more without a container and debris in it.  

Some companies will try and put plywood under the wheels of the steel containers but sometimes the plywood cracks and you still result in damage on your property.


Our rubber wheel dumpsters can also be placed and maneuvered into places that a traditional roll off might not be able to, such as tight spaces, backyards, or backed right up to a window or side door to help unload your junk or demolition project.


In most cities a permit is required to place a dumpster in front of your home and sometimes even in your own driveway and also cost a fee. Our dumpster trailers are registered and licensed vehicles and can be placed in driveways with no required permit. ( please check your local laws )


Most HOA’s do not allow roll off dumpsters but allow our dump trailers to be placed on property. Even our 15yd dumpster can fit in the standard 1 car parking spot.


We offer our dumpster rental services in all of monmouth county and most of middlesex and ocean counties.


Call or text Junk Dumpers today for a free estimate on your next dumpster rental or full service junk removal !


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